Part II: Money Laundering 101 with Ann Mills-Griffiths

Good Afternoon and thank you for reading.

Today we are going to present the second of two parts on the money laundering scandal that involved Ann and Carol Bates and most likely others.  Collectively these folks worked behind the scenes funneling money from the Support Our POW MIAs non-profit to, basically, as you read yesterday, various recipients in various parts of the world, per AMG’s specific direction.

In early June of 1987 AMG most likely sensed Ron Martz, a journalist with the Atlanta Journal and Constitution, inquiring about the laundering. He wrote this expose which lays out the way AMG used Support Our POW MIAs and their Board to funnel money wherever she pleased.  Read here: Ron_Martz_Article

Apparently, Earl Hopper, former Chairman of the Board of the National League of Families contacted Martz about his article and responded to Hopper here: Letter_from_Martz_to_Hopper  The most significant part of the letter appears at the bottom and was apparently highlighted.  By blowing up the document, the highlighted portion reads, “Griffiths seems to have been much more involved.  (This is) because she and Carol Bates helped set up the whole XXXX.   It was Anne (sic) not LeBoutillier, who knew all the details about the financial transactions.”

In yesterday’s article, we showed you a 1985  letter that Support Our POW MIAs sent to AMG at the urging of their VP Errol Bond, Sr. asking for clarification for two checks that AMG had told them to dispense to an individual and another corporation.  Here you have AMG’s response. Read here: AMGs_denial_of_knowledge_of_money_laudering_1985

AMG’s denial letter, as we said yesterday, lead to the resignation of Support Our POW MIAs’ VP Errol Bond, Sr.   Apparently, there were rough waters between the parties involved and the Support Our POW MIAs eventually saw their non-profit status suspended in the late 1980’s.  (The California Secretary of State website confirmed this, yet we could not confirm if it was in 1986 or early 1987.)

But the story doesn’t end there.

On June 8, 1987, AMG began feeling the pressure as journalist Ron Martz began his investigation for his expose.  Ann was compelled to attack.  Read here: AMG_letter_desperate_allegations.  Three weeks later the article was published.   Yet, most likely Ann,  and some even speculate former NSC official Richard Childress, designed a back-up plan to continue their money laundering.

On January 5, 1988, without the knowledge or permission of the NLF Board, AMG, Executive Director of the National League of Families, established another corporation in the state of Delaware called Foundation for Tomorrow, Inc.  You can see the initial pages of the incorporation paperwork, including the notarized signature of AMG as the sole corporation official.  Read here: Foundation_for_Tomorrow_Incorporation_Documents.

Since beginning to publish this information, we have had over 1,000 hits on the various articles that have been published over the past week.  We sincerely hope that those on the NLF Board will take a good hard look at this information and realize that it is time for a change.

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