Part I: Money Laundering 101 by AMG

Forgive the delay in posting.  We have been making sure that we have everything in order before delving into AMG’s extensive past of money laundering via a non-profit in her home state of  California called Support Our POW/MIAs.   This group, was organized to “… be used for the collection of POW/MIA information through interviews with indigenous forces in anticipation that such information will lead to the location and potential return of live hostages and or the remains of Americans who died or were killed in Southeast Asia.”

The officers were:

George Bartles, President

Errol Q. Bond, Sr., Vice President

Betty Bartels, Secretary & Treasurer

Collen Lucas, Director

Diane Collins, Director

You can find their 1981 Non-profit Tax return here: Support_Our_POW_MIAs_1981_Tax_Return

This group kept in regular contact with AMG via phone calls on a regular basis with updates on the amount of donations that had come in, from whom and then large “donations” as well.  Additionally, per instructions from AMG and Carol Bates at the NLF Office, Support Our POW MIAs sent various amounts of funds to places in the US and abroad (Thailand for example).  AMG may not have been aware but Treasurer Betty Bartles documented not just donations but also calls from both AMG and CB instructing her where to send the money and to whom.  (Update: A reader emailed asking if Carol Bates would have already been employed at DIA at the time this money laundering was taking place.  If anyone knows, please let us know.)

Here are some 16 pages of notes and communications between AMG, CB and Betty Bartels Communication_Records_between_AMG,_CB_and_Betty_Bartles

We hope you paid special attention to the last page of the previous document collection.  That was where things began to get interesting.   When Support Our POW MIAs was bringing in thousands of dollars annually to be used, quite often, as AMG dictated, things may have gotten a little too comfortable.  As you saw in the last page of the previous document link, the Vice President, the officer who was signing the annual tax returns started asking questions, questions that AMG didn’t want to answer.

On October 15, 1985 Support Our POW MIAs’ VP, Errol Q. Bond, Sr. resigned his post and left a resignation letter that would have made Col. Millard A. Peck proud.   Here is Bond’s letter of resignation.  Errol_Q_Bond_Resignation_as_VP_Support_of_POW_MIAs

This was the beginning of the end for AMG and CB’s money laundering gig.   Yet, as we all know, AMG always has a back-up plan … Expect to see that tomorrow afternoon.

While AMG has vehemently denied any involvement with the distribution of the monies of this California non-profit, the evidence is clear that she used all of these people for her own agenda and when things started to go bad, she did what she does best.

Support Our POW/MIAs would lose their non-profit status in the year following Bond’s resignation.

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