What does Ann Mills-Griffiths Really Know? Part II

Our apologies for not posting about the Foundation for Tomorrow scandal just yet, that will have to wait for tomorrow.  We found a few more really interesting and insightful documents that must see the light of day.

The first, without a doubt, simply stands on its own merits.    It is a communication on League letterhead asking for donations for the NLF, yet the entire letter is in the first person singular.  Apparently, AMG considers herself a one woman show.  Read here:  AMG I wanna talk about ME!

The second is an exchange of letters between AMG, Dermot Foley, then NLF Counsel and Earl Hopper, then Chair of the NLF.  In short, Mr. Foley made a comment about AMG at a status review hearing with DIA over the POW/MIA case for Earl, Jr.  Someone at DIA, ignoring the parameters of the closed meeting, leaked the comment to AMG.  The following pages are a series of letters that show again, the narcissistic character of AMG.  Read here: AMG tipped off by USG on statements in closed hearing

Next we have the Assistant Secretary of Defense, after being made aware of a letter from a Mrs. Sullivan (who was requesting that the NLF Board received a report at the end of every POW/MIA technical talk with Vietnam) responded to Mrs. Sullivan’s letter by writing to AMG, not Mrs. Sullivan.  Additionally, there is no mention, reference or cc of this correspondence to the NLF Board.   Does the USG not understand that AMG works for the Board and the Families?  They seem to have erroneously given AMG the impression that she IS the POW/MIA issue. Read here: Mrs Sullivan letter reply sent to AMG

The next document is our personal favorite.  Doris Zimmerman, a parliamentarian consultant, after attending the 1986 NLF Annual Meeting, had this almost hilarious professional review of the NLF’s adherence to Robert’s Rules of Parliamentary Procedures.  This one is a must read. Read here: NLF and Parliamentary Procedure

Lastly, which is a perfect introduction to the Foundation for Tomorrow piece that will run tomorrow, this series of communications between AMG and the then Chair of the NLF, Charles Walker, outlines AMG’s almost salacious need to leave everyone with the impression that she is “in the know.”  This lack of self-control apparently may have put a rescue mission of live POWs in jeopardy in 1981.  Read here: AMG potentially foils a POW rescue mission

Thank you for reading and please check in tomorrow afternoon for the beginning of the Foundation for Tomorrow scandal.  After you read these documents you will wonder how AMG managed to stay out of prison.

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