What does Ann Mills-Griffiths Really Know? Part I

Thank you for your patience, we have received several emails asking why there was no post from yesterday.  We had some technical issues that needed to get sorted out and are now all set.   Just as an aside, the posts over the past few days have received over 550 reads – THANK YOU!

Before we forget – from an earlier post that referred to the Secrecy Agreement with DIA; here is the standard secrecy agreement of the day that AMG most likely signed.  AMG has never made her signed agreement public.  AMG Secrecy Agreement

Today we are going to take a look at a few documents that clearly show AMG’s narcissistic nature and her obvious belief that her role in the POWMIA issue was/is her personal playground.  You will read correspondence that shows AMG’s communications with League members as being her thoughts and beliefs, not those of the organization.  The Board of Directors at the time felt it was necessary to communicate with the membership to let them know that AMG was publishing the League’s newsletters without clearing them with the Board first and that she was offering up her personal opinions and beliefs disguising them as the League’s.

Read here: Col Hopper re Newsletters not from B of Dir

The next document shows proof that AMG knew the truth about the Tomb of the Unknown and to protect the US Government, she kept the truth from the League Board and the League membership (and the Blassie Family)  to, most likely, maintain her alliances within the Government in tact.  It was Ted Sampley, a Vietnam Veteran, who pieced together the evidence that finally brought to light the truth about the remains that were buried in the Tomb of the Unknown.  The simple chronology of the voice messages that AMG left on the League’s answering machine clearly show that she was attempting to protect the Government after they knowingly put the remains of  who they thought was Lt. Michael Blassie, in the Tomb of the Unknown in Arlington National Cemetery.   If anyone every wonders where the strong animosity between Ted and AMG comes from, this incident with the Tomb of the Unknown was the tipping point.    Whose side is she on?

Read the email from Ted Sampley here: The Real Story Behind the Tomb of the Unknown

Update: Someone contacted us and told us about this document that shows more of AMG’s slight of hand in the Tomb of the Unknown: Read more here

Most disturbing to all of us was the letter from DIA to AMG outlining DIA’s strong belief that “The Mortician” was providing solid evidence and that the Vietnamese did/do indeed have a storage facility outside Hanoi where hundreds of remains of our service members sit.  The most interesting aspect of this letter is that it is address to AMG only, not the NLF Board and there is no mention or suggestion that AMG share this information with anyone else.  In short, AMG was once again attempting to control the issue in a manner that she personally say fit, not per the directives of the NLF Board.   Why has AMG never gone screaming from the rooftops calling for the US Government to press the Vietnamese about this storage facility?

Read the letter from DIA to AMG here: DIA to AMG re The Mortician

Thank you to all of the readers who have sent us emails of support, we appreciate the feedback.  Also, a blanket thank you to those other individuals who have decided to share documents that they had in their possession that would help shed light on other aspects of AMG’s character and her often questionable actions.  We have a LOT more to post.  With that said, we will be posting two articles today, so check in with us later this afternoon for our second installment for the day.

In that article, once we have permission, I will be posting some of the anonymous comments we have received.   We will leave you with this one which we have already received permission to post …

“Ann knows about the documents you are putting up – She is pretty angry.”

Well, AMG, if you are reading this, please know that our goal here is to give the POW/MIA issue back to the families.

Later: The Foundation for Tomorrow …