Acts of Defiance by League Executive Director and Illegalities of 2011 Elections

Included here below are a series of letters and correspondence that confirm AMG’s ongoing defiance of directives given to her by the Board of Directors of the National League of Families dating back some 30+ years. Aside from the specific events listed in the correspondence, it has surprised us how AMG so easily allowed then National Security Council’s Dick Childress, a government official, now advisor to the NLF, such unvetted access and such direct involvement in the day-to-day operations of the NLF.

The disingenuous AMG, apparently wanting to give the impression of being “connected”, claimed and still claims today to have a security clearance when actually what she signed was a secrecy agreement. Only an employer can request a security clearance for an employee which also requires an official background check, interviews with known associates, etc. Has anyone reading this post ever been approached by any US Government official asking questions about AMG for a security clearance? If so, please let us know. Lastly, if AMG claims to have a security clearance, they who is her true employer?

The linked documents below span various decades and show an ongoing attempt of AMG to control each and every aspect of the POWMIA issue as she felt fit.

Childress Protecting AMG after violating NLF bylaws 1983  (AMG sharing NLF Board Meeting notes with Childress and DIA)

Earl Hopper to AMG 1992 (Former NLF Chairman of the Board outlining unfathomable actions of AMG)

AMG falsely accuses Patty Skelly and the Fallout (AMG attempting to discredit another POW organization in an attempt to control the POW issue)

and my personal favorite …

From America for Freedom Always to AMG post 1988  (Another POW group expresses their malcontent with AMG and her actions)

Now *there* was some fun reading!

Returning to the security clearance, there is a liability issue that NLF members need to concern themselves with in light of AMG’s resent announcement that she is stepping down as NLF’s Executive Director to write a book on the POW/MIA issue. Her secrecy agreement (NOT security clearance) includes a clause that she will, basically, take all the secrets to her grave and will not share them with anyone either verbally or in written form. Will the NLF be held financially responsible for any breach of that clause considering the fact that AMG was acting as a representative of the NLF at the time?

Then there is the change in staffing at the NLF of adding a National Coordinator and doing away with the Executive Director position. Did the Board of Directors vote on the addition of this position and was the position advertised? Or was the candidate hand-selected by AMG and then presented to the Board for their approval in direct violation of NLF by-laws?

It is interesting how the above mentioned change coincides with changes in the by-laws. Why wasn’t there made available, even on the NLF website or via email, a copy of the existing by-laws and an explanation why the proposed changes were needed? Is AMG, assuming that she rejoins the Board of Directors, positioning the organization in a way that will give her more power as the new Chair of the Board of Directors? With the present Chair stepping down, it will entail a Board vote as to who will fill the Chair post. Since AMG oversees who is put on the ballot for the Board of Directors, it is certainly not a stretch to assume she could possibly stack the deck, making sure that she can control all those on the Board.

So, not only do we have the inexplicable changes in the by-laws, the addition of staff done behind closed doors, we also have the presence of a non-family member on the Board of Director’s ballot. Susie Stephens-Harvey *was* the sister-in-law of SSGT Stephen Geist, USA. She is not a blood relative of Geist and is no longer married to Geist’s brother. She is no longer a family member, by marriage, and should have been downgraded to an associate member as soon as the divorce was final. Therefore, Ms. Stephens-Harvey is thus ineligible to run for the Board seat. Yet, because she is someone who AMG considers one of her foot soldiers, this fact was ignored. This act alone makes the entire election null and void – in other words, illegal. A new election will need to be organized and this time, considering the above improprieties, the Board may want to reconsider having the completed voting ballots sent to the NLF Office and instead hire a third-party agencies with no ties to the NLF or any of its Board members or employees, past or present.

One final thought … If you perused just about any website that offers advice or suggestions about how to properly run a non-profit organization, you will find a suggestion that is strongly reiterated time and time again. Employees or former employees should not have the opportunity to serve on the Board of Directors as this would be a direct conflict of interest.

Lots to think about here.

Tomorrow Part III: More Documentation of Ann Mills-Griffiths Fleecing of The Missing