The Fleecing of the National League of Families

For the past 30 years the NLF has dozens of Board Members yet only one leader with only one agenda – Ann Mills-Griffiths and her personal and professional agenda.  Documentation that has been sent anonymously to the POW Warrior has shed some significant light on the agenda of Ann and how she has creatively carved out a career and a pension for herself from the families.

Ann has repeatedly gone against specific directives from Board Members and Board Chairmen to run the POW/MIA Issue in the manner that she thought fit. She routinely circumvented NLF by-laws and allowed government officials to have far too much control and influence in NLF affairs.

Over the past month I have been wading through hundreds of pages of NLF documents that outline the character of an individual who put herself ahead of everyone and everything. As with most people in Washington, it is about power, money and control. Yet, with everything it starts with money.

Let’s take a look at the last few years of IRS 990 forms for the NLF. You will see that in each form enclosed close to 50%, and in some instances even more, of the League’s annual spending went towards the salary, pension and medical benefits of Ann. You will also see that over $20,000 is spent each year on maintaining office space for an organization with one employee. Is *that* conscientious spending on the part of a non-profit organization?

NLF 2009 990
NLF 2008 990
NLF 2007 990
NLF 2005 990

Note: We have been unable to find the 2006 IRS 990 form for the NLF, yet we will keep looking.

Tomorrow Part II : Ann’s defiance of the NLF Board of Directors and the Illegalities of the 2011 Elections Platform