Professor Paul Marx: An uneducated viewpoint of the POW/MIA Flag

iraq pow flag The POW/MIA Flag: Obviously still has meaning for our present day warriors


Linked here is what the Baltimore Sun seems to feel is an appropriate op ed piece for Memorial Day Weekend. *eyes rolling*

University of New Haven Professor Emeritus Paul Marx, now a freelance writer, has once again shown the ignorance of academia in respect to the POW/MIA Flag. It also supports my long-held personal opinion that simply referring to oneself as ‘a writer’ certainly doesn’t make one omnipotent nor judicious.

Marx refers to our flag as “ugly, political and of very limited meaning”, “It continues to be flown despite the fact that the war ended 34 years ago and there are no Americans held prisoner in Vietnam” and “It continues to be flown out of ignorance or indifference.” I almost don’t even know where to begin except to truly wonder if the editor of the Baltimore Sun was on vacation the day this piece was submitted for publication. 

Mr. Marx, you bet our flag is political. Because of politics, lack of true governmental oversight and the DoD’s desire to cover their mistakes, both past and present, we fight for the full accounting of our loved ones. It may be limited in meaning to you because you do not understand its meaning, purpose or intent and didn’t take the time to go to Google and find out.

It is called the POW/MIA Flag, in honor and remembrance of those who were POW and or MIA from Vietnam who are still unaccounted for.  Over time it has become a symbol for those who are missing from all military conflicts.  Uncle Sam may want America to believe that there are no prisoners left in Vietnam, yet the over 900 live-sighting reports that have been all uniquely discredited make for interesting discussion to say the least.  Furthermore, the MIA reference is still pertinent due to the fact that there are still over 1700 American servicemen who the US and Vietnamese have not accounted for from the end of the war to present day.  Many were known to be held into captivity, photographed in captivity and have had live sightings reported well into the 1990’s.  The only thing that seems to be limited is your grasp of the topic of your op ed piece.  How many times have you, as a professor, critiqued your own students for making such an agregious error?

The only ignorance I see here in on the part of people like you and select others who have taken their cursory understanding of our flag and the POW/MIA Issue exclusively to add yet another published work to the list of your post-retirement publications. Indifference, well that characteristic can again be  attributed to you due to your refusal to educate yourself on the topic before you and then to have the audacity to pass it on for publication. You, Sir, have the luxuries of ignorance and indifference with regard to the POW/MIA Issue for the simple fact that our loved ones and thousands more since colonial times died for this nation and what it stands for to give you the right to be an educated idiot.

Incidentally, if anyone would like to email Mr. Marx,

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