The VVA: Newsletter article penned by Hendon


The Vietnam Veterans of America Newsletter recently posted a cover story on the POW/MIA Issue and An Enormous Crime author, former Congressman Bill Hendon, provides some additional commentary.

Here is a compelling excerpt;

A half-dozen or so postwar intercepts of secret Pathet Lao radio transmissions describing how, when, where, and why they were holding or moving American POWs collectively described the confinement or movement of well over one hundred American POWs inside Laos. DIA’s and the majority’s ruling? Not one of the postwar radio intercepts relating to living American POWs was to be believed.

And last but not least, some 925 postwar intelligence reports the committee investigators had deemed plausible or credible, many reporting U.S. POWs being held at the same prison or in the same area at the same time or over a period of time: all 925 sources were either lying or confused, DIA officials said. A majority on the Senate Select Committee on POW/MIA Affairs agreed.

As we all venture to cookouts, memorial events and the like, The POW Warrior would like to thank the some 400,000 patriotic Americans who have made the pilgrimage to Washington, DC this weekend to participate in Rolling Thunder’s annual POW/MIA demonstration in our nation’s capital. Each and every one of them are heroes in my book for willingly giving of their time, money and energy in the name of our POWs and MIAs.

And finally, in honor of those who ride for our POWs this weekend, here is the link to our article from last year in response to columnist Garrison Keillor who was “inconvenienced” last year as the demonstration passed him on the way to the museums on Constitution Avenue. 

To the millions of proud and brave Americans who served this great country of ours with honor and distinction, this Memorial Day Weekend, we solemnly say Thank You.

The POW Warrior

Update: The POW Warrior has learned from another family member that a retraction of sorts for the above referenced article will appear in the next VVA Newsletter. It will be posted here once the VVA has it linked on their site.

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