“That Small Number is … 59”



Lynn O’Shea, the Director of Research for the National Alliance of Families, best be the recepient of the Activist of the Year at the 2009 Annual Meetings.  Her dedication to the POW/MIA Issue has no equal.   Over the past few months Lynn has pulled together some very important documentation from the 1992 Senate Select Committee that finally answers the question we have all been asking since the final committee report came out, “What is the small number that was left behind after Operation Homecoming?”

Lynn has found the answer as well as the names of these 59 men.  I am sure that many families will read this list with interest. The additional piece of information is that these 59 are just the beginning of a list, this number is the minimum of “the small number” that were still alive after Homecoming that the Senate Select Committee’s final report referenced.

 After reading her report in this month’s special edition of the Alliance’s Bits N Pieces, of all the amazing information contained in it, the thing that astounds me most is the exclusion of Daniel Nidds, one of the well-known Mangino 4, from the list.  The remaining three, Mangino, Winters and Hasenbeck are all on the list.  Why is Daniel excluded?  What information did the investigators have that allowed them to exclude Nidds? This, in my mind, can’t be reasoned away as a clerical error by any means.  Seperating one of the Mangino 4 from the others would have jumped out at even the greenest of researchers.  It would be like Fred Astaire without Ginger Rogers – Mikey without Minnie – Sonny without Cher; it just doesn’t happen.

Here is the direct link to the report.  Grab a cup of coffee, put your feet up and read.  You will be blown away!


If only Lynn worked was in charge at DPMO! 


The POW Warrior

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