Military Subcommittee Hearings Summary

Well Follks, if you were able to watch the hearings on July 10, 2008 then you were quick to figure out that these hearings were just a farce to appease us on House Res 111. If you missed the hearings, you can watch them via your media player from the House Armed Services Committee’s website here. Just scroll down as the dates are listed in reverse order, newest to oldest. If you have problems with that link, you also can watch then on C-SPAN here as well.

You will find that the questions asked by the Committee Members are either related to Personnel issues or Budget issues. Families are mentioned almost as an after thought. It is also clear that this committee who is supposedly responsible for the oversight on DPMO and etc. has no clue what is really going on in The Issue.  One of them even went so far as to ask Charles Ray how he felt about the pending legislation (House Res 111).  I loved it – 64%  of the House of Representatives is in support of this legislation, representing the voice of the people.  Yet the opinion of Charles Ray somehow makes a difference?  Since when does the Legislative Branch ask the Executive Branch their opinion on a piece of legislation?, insinuating that Ray’s view point should sway opinion. 

Rumor has it that there will be another hearing on the POW/MIA Issue giving family groups and individuals the opportunity to testify before the Military Personnel Subcommittee. When we have the official word on when those will be, I will be sure to let you all know. Of course our dear friend AMG will be at the top of the list of witnesses. You really have to love her – she has supposedly been against each and every committee or select committee that non-League family members and activists have tired to get through Congress. Yet, she is always there to testify when said committees did take place.

I sincerely hope that what they say is true, that Marines guard the Gates of Heaven. AMG won’t have a prayer! 

Until next time!

The POW Warrior

PS – on another note, I received a chastizing e-mail from a friend of James Webb who attempted to tell me that no one has done as much for the POW/MIA Issue as him and etc. The hysterical part about it was that this guy’s story about the meetings and etc. totally contradicts what Webb told the families involved. So, this chastizing e-mail actually turned out to have the opposite of the intent of the writer. If it weren’t so damn sad it would have been funny.