Another Con Man Fleecing the POW/MIA Issue

In a previous post I shared my personal views on former JPAC field investigator James M. Webb and his recent attempt to fleece the POW/MIA Issue with claims of “inside information”.  After viewing his first of many money making products, I suspected that Webb was trying to make a quick buck by marketing his insider idea to families and activists.

Little did I know that his plans were on an even grander scale.  I have been made aware of some of the activities of James M. Webb and let me make this clear, he is in the same category as Mike Hearns and Richard/Hadel who was recently exposed by POW/MIA Families.  Webb seems to be escalating his level of fraud on family members.  First, we have the DVD “The Untold Story” which really tells us nothing that we don’t already know.  It was so poorly made and the lack of preparation is more than evident as the DVD goes on.

Now, it appears, that Webb has moved on to more covert operations and is targeting individual families or groups of families with claims of assistance, knowledge of live men and contacts in SEA that can “help” bring out a live man.

The POW Warrior has been made aware of a POW/MIA family who sought out Webb for additional information on a case that he had investigated multiple times in the past. He responded to the family that he would be happy to review his old reports and then provide the family will a full report on any significant information that he recalled that may not have been mentioned in the original reports.  The family was made this promise in late 2007 and after three follow up e-mails that were never responded to, this family got the message that Webb had no intention of helping anyone except himself.

His tactics escalated to include offering information to LKA families and most likely some false documents as evidence of life. Apparently many family members have contacted Webb asking for help and information and he has apparently decided this was where the real money was because his purported monthly newsletters, upcoming book and other products have seemed to come to a inexplicable hault.  The POW Warrior had been told that the upcoming book was initially going to be a collaborative effort between Webb and David D. Hendrix, the reporter who broke the Alternate Identity Program. Yet due to “creative differences” that partnership was dissolved.

Webb was supposed to be a guest speaker this past week during the Annual Family Meetings and after receiving the money to purchase his airfare, donated by various LKA family members, he asked if they would pay for his assistant to come along as well.  The need for an assistant is still mind-boggling to me, yet I digress (thankfully the families told him that was impossible).  Some 10 days before the meeting he responded that he had his tickets for 16-19 June when he was actually supposed to be in attendance for 19-21 June.  A week before the meetings he communicated that he was attempting to change the reservations and would get back to those involved.  On the 18th he had some unknown individual contact the families again stating that he had suddenly become ill and was hospitalized with what appeared to be some type of poisioning.  Was he insinuating that he was purposely poisoned so he could not attend the event?  It is hard to speculate. 

To date, there has been no further contact from Webb and these families are out over $2500. 

One final thought, Webb has claimed in his DVD that he was present for the infamous document shredding incident in Hanoi yet myself and others have attempted to find someone who can corraborate his participation and at present, we have not been able to do so.

What may well be at the core of this situation is that Webb underestimated the POW/MIA Families and activists and suddenly realized that his con-game would not get passed those assembled who have been fighting this issue long before he ever set foot in SEA as an investigative team member.  Not to mention those who he may well have made promises to or had been ignoring via e-mail were expected to be in attendance and he may well have been concerned about a confrontation.

Either way, Webb is now, at least in my eyes, an official enemy of the Issue.

The POW Warrior

UPDATE May, 2009:  With the Annual Meetings just a few months away, I thought a follow up on Webb would be in order.   He has seemed to disappear.  His website, The POW/MIA Insider, is not longer active, his promised publications are non-existent and the families that he fleeced for over $2500 have not heard a word from him. 

The Shantag’s over at the POW Network referenced this link regarding James M. Webb.  Apparently I wasn’t the only one who questioned his claims.


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