Roger Clemens is more important than POW/MIAs?: How Congress decides what matters to America


Legendary Pitcher Roger Clemens preparing to give testimony to Congress

Fox News is reporting that Roger Clemens, a seven time Cy Young Winner, is being investigated by the FBI for his potential perjury during his testimony before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee on February 13, 2008, less than two weeks ago.

I am sure that I am not the only one of us that is sitting in front of the computer screen saying, “Huh?”. I had the opportunity to watch some three hours or so of the hearing and regardless of my opinion of Roger Clemens and his former trainer Brian MacNamee, I have to wonder what it takes to get the attention of a committee such as this.  Were they feeling that the Armed Services Committee was getting too much of the lime light and wanted to get their piece of the pie? Were their hearings too boring? Are more than just a handful of them up for re-election this year? Maybe their hearings weren’t “sexy” enough for the American people to take notice? I was close to sugar shock at all of the selfagrandizing each member droned through before addressing the witnesses with their questions.

How is it somehow the responsibility of Congress to investigate athletes allegedly injecting themselves with HGH or other enhancers but the blatant abandonment of servicemen by the Department of Defense and even the Executive Branch of the United States somehow takes a back seat to this circus like atmosphere? Has Congress gone the way of Hollywood and taken an oath of sensationalism all in the name of re-election?

This House Committee was simply convened, there was no exhasting efforts to get co-sponsors, no resolution needed to get the ball rolling, someone simply decided, “Hey, we need to poke our noses into this one!”

So, my question to this House Committee is this; What does it take for you to want to honor those who willingly gave their lives for the country that you comfortably serve and who were systematically abandoned because no one had the testicle fortitude to stand up and say, “This is wrong and has gone on long enough”? What do you say to the families of these brave men who went into battle with the thought that nothing would be more foreign than their nation considering them a liability?

I am reminded of the story of former POW Frank Anton who, after his release was made aware of the fact that US servicemen were within 25 feet of him to photograph him but were ordered NOT to rescue him out of concern over letting the enemy know that we were aware of their movements. This lack of action on the part of these covert ops soldiers extended his captivity another two years.

In response to his debriefers after being made aware of this unthinkable act he asked, “Why didn’t you get me out?”

I wonder how may have spent the past 40 years asking that same question – and are still asking it today.   Whose son, brother, uncle, cousin or father goes to sleep every night asking the Heavens this simple question?

The POW Warrior

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