House Resolution 111 – To Establish a House Select Committee on POW/MIA Affairs


They are there.  They are waiting for us.  How much longer will they have to wait?  Hopefully, not very long.   As of posting this message today there are now 226 co-sponsors for this resolution.  We all know how fabulous this is, many have worked very hard and dedicated much if not all of their efforts into getting these co-sponsors.  But we know we can do better.  We can and we will.  This is now crunch time.  We need to focus on those key Representatives who have influence with the Armed Services Committee and with the Rules Committee.   We all are getting the e-mails from Lynn and updates from Roger, you can do it! 

It is simple, you don’t have to be an expert on the issue to convince these staff people to get their bosses’ ears and listen.   If you are a family member, tell your personal story, if you are an activist who is familiar with a specific case, share that story. 

Lynn has put together some great general information sheets to share with your congressional offices.  You can find what you need here. It can’t get much easier than that!

Do it! You will feel so great when you see a Represenative who you contacted on the list of co-sponsors and you will have done something concrete for those still wanting to come home.

Thank you